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The VIVI M026SH electric mountain bike is a most stunning and stylish electric bike
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable, good looking, and easy to use eBike than the VIVI 26 inch electric mountain bicycle. This black, white and red aluminum eBike has everything you need for daily riding around your neighborhood… and is even equipped to handle a little dirt, gravel, or off-road riding as well.Plus, this amazingly stylish eBike is outfitted with a number of different options......
The VIVI M026TGB folding electric mountain bike is a flexible and one-of-a-kind bike
If you’re looking for a low-cost electric mountain bike, the Vivi electric bike is worth considering. This adult folding electric mountain bike has an ultra-lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy frame that folds up fast and stores in the trunk of a car or at home. The flexible electric mountain bike appeals to commuters and riders who are new to the sport, with 21 possible speeds and three operating modes......
VIVI ebike: great value for the everyday commute to work or shopping
If you are looking for an inexpensive e-bike, sooner or later you will inevitably come across e-bikes from the manufacturer VIVI.VIVI e-bikes are especially suitable for beginners, are affordable and provide you with plenty of riding pleasure.It's definitely more than enough for the daily commute to work or shopping......
The VIVI M026TGB electric folding mountain bike is an ideal on-the-go bike for both leisure and business use
The VIVI folding electric mountain bike has front and rear suspension, three different pedal assist modes, 21 speed settings, removable battery and a maximum range of 50 miles.This bike promises a functional design, a lightweight and durable build, and an affordable price, making it the ultimate value option for those on a budget who can afford this price range......
VIVI C26 electric bike: 2022 best 26" electric city bikes best front rack bikes
It can be challenging to find the right e-city electric bike, as there are all kinds of e-city electric bike brands to choose from, such as Vivi, NAKTO, SOHOO, W Wallke, DYU. We put together a list of the 20 Best E-City Electric Bikes to help you find the one you want.Our expert team has searched and evaluated a wide range of e-city electric bikes ranging in price from $429.00 to $1,599.00. Our top pick is Vivi Electric Bike......
VIVI M026TGB folding electric mountain bike: best bosch pedal assist bikes of 2022
The VIVI folding electric mountain bike is lightweight and foldable, with 3 riding modes, pedal assist mode + Boost mode to help you start the bike more easily and smoothly. 3 riding modes + sufficient power make riding more comfortable and easier. Perfect for daily outings, commuting and travel......
VIVI 26 Inch M026SH electric mountain bike: affordable overall Best electric bike pick
The VIVI electric 26 inch mountain bike offers a 350-watt high-speed brushless motor, which produces about 37 pound-feet of torque to help you reach speeds of up to 20 mph.The lithium-ion battery gives this bike a 22-25-mile range in throttle mode and will take it up to 44-50 miles in pedal-assist mode.The combination of range and power make this an excellent bike for commuting, but it’s capable of much more than that......