VIVI has partnered with the world's leading bike shops and is committed to providing you with the widest selection of Vivi e-bikes and the highest level of customer service. Our elite dealers are willing and able to assist you with test rides, repairs and service. Check out our certified reseller partners to see if there is a location near you!

To find the Vivi dealer closest to you, simply search below by zip code, city or state.

Please note:

(1) If you encounter problems with your Vivi eBike, please contact our customer support team before contacting any partner stores. Our team will help diagnose the problem and coordinate any parts and/or instructions you may need before involving a certified partner.

(2) Bike shops that partner with Vivi eBikes are not authorized to receive products on behalf of customers. Please do not use these locations as shipping addresses. Any shipping arrangements to these stores are the responsibility of the customer.

(3) If you want to buy offline, please contact us or call the offline store to ask if the bike model you want is available.

(4) If you want to visit an offline cooperative dealer store, please make an appointment with the store by phone/email for confirmation before visiting.