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VIVI H6 26 Inch 350W/500W Electric Mountain Bike Commuter Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI H6 Off-Road Commuter Electric Mountain Bike

From $599.99USD
VIVI H6 Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with a 350W/500W powerful motor, which has sufficient power, and is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah/48V 7.8Ah large-capacity energy-saving lithium battery, which has...
VIVI M026TGB 26 Inch 500W Electric Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI M026TGB Folding Softail Electric Mountain Bike

From $619.99USD
VIVI M026TGB Electric folding bicycle, the new upgrade,500W powerful motor, removable 48V 7.8AH lithium ion battery, professional Shimano 21-speed variable speed, front and rear dual disc brakes and shock absorption...
VIVI FM20 20 Inch 500W Folding Electric Bike Electric City Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI FM20 City Commuter Folding Electric Bike

From $649.99USD
This Vivi FM20 20 inch electric folding bike is equipped with a 500W high-speed powerful motor, which provides you more power than normal 250W motor when mountain climbing, giving you...
VIVI M026SH 26 Inch 500W Electric Mountain Bike Hybrid Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI M026SH Road Cruise Electric Mountain Bike

From $609.99USD
Vivi electric mountain bike is not only made of durable aluminum alloy and carbon steel, but also equipped with a Shimano 21-speed transmission system, which can increase the degree of customization....
VIVI 26LGB 26 Inch 500W Full Suspension Folding Electric Mountain Bike - Viviebike

VIVI 26LGB Folding Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

The Vivi 26" folding electric mountainbike uses a high-quality metal frame, a more powerful 500W motor and an 48V /7.8Ah capacity battery, dual shock absorption, more comfortable and stable riding, mechanical front and rear disc brakes, Shimano 21-speed...
VIVI C26 26 Inch 500W Electric Cruiser City Bike with Rear Rack - Viviebike

VIVI C26 City Step-Through Electric Cruiser Bike

From $649.99USD
Vivi 26" electric cruiser bike adopts a high-quality aluminum frame, a stronger 500W high-speed brushless motor,larger capacity removable battery, and high strength steel suspension fork, making riding more comfortable and...
VIVI MT20 20 Inch 500W Folding Electric City Bike Cruiser Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI MT20 Step-Through Folding Electric Cruiser Bike

From $639.99USD
This Vivi MT20 20 inch electric Cruiser City folding bike is equipped with Strong driving force 500W Motor and 48V 7.8AH removable Lithium battery, which can be quickly charged in 4-6 hours. When fully...
VIVI H8 27.5 Inch 500W Electric Mountain Bike Adults Off-road Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI H8 High-Step Off Road Electric Mountain Bike

VIVI H8 Electric Mountain Bike Equipped with a 500W motor and 48V/10.4Ah Battery and 27.5" wheels, featuring more brilliant max. speed, range, and hill-climbing power than another average bike. This...
VIVI MT26G 26 Inch 500W Electric Cruiser City Bike with Rear Rack - Viviebike

VIVI MT26G Step-Through Electric Commuter Bike

From $639.99USD
  Vivi MT26G 26" electric cruiser city bike adopts a low-step Lightweight Iron frame, a stronger 500W high-speed brushless motor and a 48V 7.8Ah capacity removable lithium-Ion battery, and high strength...
VIVI S3 26 Inch 350W Folding Electric Bike Mountain Commuter Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI S3 Mountain Cross Country Folding Electric Bike

From $619.99USD
VIVI TT2020-S3 26" folding electric bike, equipped with super 350W motor and Shimano 21-speed professional gears(3 front teeth, 7 rear flywheel) , you don't have to worry about steep hills, mountain riding...
VIVI S5 26 Inch 350W Electric Mountain Bike Lightweight Hybrid Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI S5 Lightweight Commuter Electric Mountain Bike

This TT2020-S5 electric bike adopts the 36V 8Ah Large-capacity Lithium-Ion battery, 350W high-speed strong motor. The frame was constructed from Aluminum Alloy and designed according to human body mechanics. Forged...
VIVI Z8 14 Inch 350W Folding Electric Bike BMX Electric City Bicycle - Viviebike

VIVI Z8 City Commuter BMX Electric Folding Bike

From $659.99USD
Vivi TT2020-Z8 is Vivi’s only 14-inch small folding electric bicycle, it has a 2.125-inch wide tire and a 48V 20Ah large-capacity removable battery, you can ride 40 miles in pure...